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Is it ‘game over’?


Freefalling sales. Skyrocketing unemployment. Studios tanking left and right. Tune in for the first of a special two-part series as we ask: Is it ‘game over’ for thousands of developers and publishers – and millions of fans – worldwide?

This video segment came form Digital Trends and I thought it interesting and perhaps worthy of dialog.

What do you think?
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Ask any family who’s ever dealt with addiction: When a friend is ailing, collapsing under the weight of their own dependencies, only two courses of action exist. Either you sit down, shut up and let nature take its terrifying course, or pause, take a deep breath and do what duty demands… step in and stage an intervention. And speaking as a player, parent, professional, fan and longtime ardent admirer of this medium so many cherish and adore, let’s not kid ourselves. To put it bluntly – the time has come to take the game industry aside and show it some tough love.

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