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Gamification Transformed: Gamification Should Deliver the Best Parts of Game Experiences, Not Just Experiences of Game Parts


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Brock Dubbels Ph.D.

Dept. Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour

McMaster University


Gamification may provide new venues for offering customer experiences. The chapter compares three models of game play analyzed through user experience research. In section 1, the three models are presented: Grind Core, Freemium, and Immersion. These models are differentiated as value delivered, and user experience. Value and experience are defined across four categories: function, emotion, life change and social impact. In section 2, the role of emotion, value, and experience are described to inform how games can be transformative, providing the life change and social impact through the immersion experience model. This chapter is intended to help developers identify what kind of value experience they want to provide their customers, and provide a new view of gamification.


Three models are examined


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