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Possible Worlds: Learning, Beliefs, and Instruction in Real, Augmented, Alternate, and Virtual Reality


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Join vgAlt  at

Humanities Matter! Conference

Wyoming Humanities Council

October 23-24

Central Wyoming College in Riverton.

Learn about the successful use of virtual,  augmented, and alternate reality environments for instruction and enhancing student engagement. I will be presenting my experience and published research on  designing instructional space for sustained engagement,  extending instructional contact and learning, increasing student motivation and academic production, and the enhancing teaching satisfaction with the seamless integration of technology and new approaches to instruction.

In this talk I will talk about my own experience in k-20 settings using virtual worlds, game environments, models, simulations, and the augmentation and creation of alternate reality learning scenarios. The presentation will offer a cultural -cognitive model of learning with focus on developing comprehension, production and knowledge acts, as well as the critical habits of mind for problem solving and student innovation through play.

On Saturday, join me for Getting Started in Second Life — Academic spelunking through possible worlds.

Look at ways that SL and other instructional environments have been used effectively — some of my own work– and how it can be replicated across content and context.

In this session, we will go through several stages of virtual world acclimation and visit spaces, pedagogies,  and tools that may serve as a springboard into new practice.


The Wyoming Humanities Council’s Humanities Matter! conference will bring together representatives of community organizations, museum and library personnel, interested community members, and humanities faculty from across Wyoming to explore how to work together to create humanities courses and public programming that will address issues relevant to their lives, communities, and world.


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