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Great moments in GURsig. . . Brandon Hsiung on Riot Games research


The Evolution of Insights at Riot Games

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Brandon discusses the embedded model of Riot Games research, including some of the evolutionary steps, such as the Center of Excellence Model. Riot’s Insights team has grown from a disparate collection of 23 Rioters spread across small service teams, to a 70+ Rioters unified within an Insights discipline that’s involved in all aspects of product development.

Brandon Hsiung

Bio:Brandon Hsiung leads the Insights Discipline at Riot Games, the studio behind League of brandinhsiung-920x1152
Legends.Insights is a 70+ Rioter team with the mission of wrestling large amounts of information and translating user experiences into actionable insight and machine-driven product experiences. Insights uses a wide variety of tools across Analytics, Data Science, Strategy and Research to solve problems and develop products for everything from Game Design to Organizational Design. Prior to seeing the gaming light and working at Riot, Brandon was lost for 8 years in the wilderness of strategy consulting and financial services.

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