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Great moments in GURsig. . . Oliver Guedon on Rainbow 6 #GamesUR


Live Test Experience on Rainbow Six Siege

Olivier Guedon
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In order to insure the best user experience for Rainbow Six: Siege, the Montreal User Research Lab had to re think the way they tested the game, bringing playtests and analytics to a whole new level: the live test experience.
Using their knowledge and experience on the Rainbow Six Siege production, the speakers will:
• Present succinctly the Rainbow Six franchise and its history
• Describe user research challenges of a multiplayer focused game
• Discuss the limitations of classic user tests
• Introduce live tests – Closed Alpha, Closed Beta, and Open Beta
o The impacts on the user research, analytics, and production pipelines
o The impacts on reporting and how user research analytics helped improve the game
• Show the changes in terms of communication to all parties
• Give insights on the first months post launch, and potentially how post launch data is or can be used as live test data.

Olivier Guedon


Olivier Guédon is a Game Intelligence Analyst with Ubisoft’s Montreal User Research Lab. His experience in the video game industry started at Ubisoft Montreal in 2007 in information risk managementfor the production teams of brands like Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry. He went to risk analytics to come back to Ubisoft at the User Research Lab in 2014 to lead the analytics efforts for the Rainbow Six Siege production.

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Jakob Nielson says:

The Games User Research Summit was a great conference

with many insightful talks by top professionals.

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